Cecelia Martinez


A developer who gets how business gets done.


Hello, there! I am a full-stack software developer, Certified Associate of Project Management, and M.B.A. with 10 years experience in communication and finance. I understand how business units must work together to efficiently bring products to market and can help integrate processes so that every decision is driven by business needs.


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[ My Core Values ]


I value honesty over optimism. I believe in the importance of psychological safety for teams to voice concerns and ideas. I believe that business decisions are only as good as the information they’re based on.


Every business is different. Cookie-cutter approaches don’t work for everyone, and an increasingly savvy consumer market demands innovation and authenticity. I believe in having a strong joint vision at the outset to prevent miscommunication along the way.


Creativity means effort. It means forcing yourself to take new approaches and solve different problems. I believe that, like plants, we are happiest when we’re growing, and that pushing the bounds of creativity is essential to growth.

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I am also available for speaking engagements, workshops, interviews (I’m a great podcast guest!), blogging, and volunteer support. For updates, subscribe to my newsletter!