Cecelia Martinez


Full-Stack Software Developer


I am an MBA with a digital journalism and finance background turned Full-Stack Developer. As a PMI Certified Associate in Project Management, I am passionate about creatively solving problems and can leverage my marketing and project management skills in a development environment to create engaging, effective applications.


[ Featured Projects ]

BackPack: Your Adventure Awaits
Built with HTML5, CSS (Bootstrap), Javascript (JQuery), APIs/AJAX

A responsive, user-friendly hiking trail search app for web and mobile devices.

Unique Challenges
  • Differentiating between current location or search input location for AJAX calls
  • Managing dependencies between multiple asynchronous AJAX calls
  • Filtering API call responses by trail length search criteria
  • Clearing previous search criteria to allow for multiple searches in the same session
LIRI Bot in Node.js
Built with Node.js, Spotify Node API, and Axios for Command Line Interface

A command line interface bot that takes in key word commands to return search results from multiple APIs.

Search Commands
  • concert-this: returns concert information for an artist from the Bands In Town API
  • spotify-this-song: returns song information and a preview URL for a given song title using the Spotify-Node-API
  • movie-this: returns details about a given movie title from the OMDB API
  • do-what-it-says: runs a given command and search input from a local file
Dog Tag
Built with HTML5, CSS (Bootstrap), Vanilla Javascript, Node.js, and Express.js

A full stack application that matches your pet with its ideal playdate based on survey results.

Unique Challenges
  • Performing server-side logic based on survey results that returns a response to the client and renders to DOM
  • Using Vanilla Javascript to make all HTTP requests to reduce dependencies
  • Manipulating built-in Bootstrap components like modals without JQuery
  • Configuring for and deploying to Heroku
Harry Potter Hangman
Built with HTML5, CSS (Simple Grid), Vanilla Javascript

A Harry Potter-themed hangman/word guess game that responds with a corresponding GIF when the player wins.

Unique Challenges
  • Using an object to store word bank data and corresponding GIF image files
  • Using a regular expression (RegEx) to match guesses against letters in word
  • Accounting for multiple instances of the same letter in a word
  • Using counters to track number of guesses and wins
TGIF Trivia Game
Built with HTML5, CSS (Bootstrap), Javascript (JQuery)

An interactive trivia game that utilizes Javascript time events.

Unique Challenges
  • Managing simultaneous timers to track timeouts while also displaying time left and clearing timers based on click events
  • Using objects to access questions, multiple choice options, correct answer, and corresponding image files
  • Using functions to dynamically render to DOM without unecessary code repetition (DRY principle)
  • Tracking number of correct answers to display at end of game
BudgetBasic Calculator
Built with HTML5, CSS (Bootstrap), Javascript (JQuery)

A budget calculator app that features a customized savings rate, differentiating between essential and discretionary expenses, and suggestions based on results.

Based on the 'Simple Budget Calculator' by Ethan Thompson on CodePen

Unique Challenges
  • Understanding and expanding on existing code
  • Managing multiple form input variables to make calculations
  • Nested conditional statements to differentiate output for multiple response cases
  • Sourcing and building a project independently outside of a formal education environment